Create apps
you need.
Fast & easy.

Shorter time to market and boosted

integration capacity with low-code platform.

Short Time to Build

Visual technics and automation of DevOps functions lets you to provide end-to-end solution much faster.


Create simple or complex apps. Change them whenever you need. Extend with code, implement plug-ins. Forget about external vendor dependency.


Build your logic with easy to set-up formulas (Excel alike). You can even engage non-programmers to create apps. It is that simple.

Build custom apps
and quickly integrate
existing solutions

With archITekt, the low-code platform you can set up data model, processes, algorithms and user interface – all in a fast and easy manner. It consists of a number of modules supporting apps development with help of visual technics instead of coding. You can add something from yourself – it is possible.

Eager to know more?

Main Features

Mass Data Processing

Import, convert and integrate data from
any place. Use network services, files,
connections to external databases.


Create business rules and algorithms that calculate system parameters in safe isolation from the technical part.

Workflow designer
Crate processes and flows
with graphic tools.
Monitor running processes.
User Interface builder

Build a web interface
for the end users of an app
you created with archITekt.

Documents Generation

Generate document templates with MS Word add-on. A wide range of tags, table operations and support of 1D and 2D codes.


The platform supports teamwork by using versioning control system, it stores the history of changes.

It works for complex and simple scenarios – up to your specific needs.

Examples of applications created with archITekt are: Sale system, Credit management system, Debt collection system, Rating and scoring Systems, Tax settlements and returns systems, Number of connectors to external databases, Integration and mass data transformation system, Statements generation system and different reporting systems, to name a few.

We have created archITekt as a low-code platform to boost our own capacity and speed things up. It works, we and our clients test it daily.