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199 EUR/mo

billed annually

3 end-users
1 000 CU  
Basic support

Additional package
3 end-users + 1 000 CU  
for 90 EUR/mo


899 EUR/mo

billed annually

30 end-users
10 000 CU  
Standard support  

Additional package
15 end-users + 5 000 CU  
for 150 EUR/mo


1 999 EUR/mo

billed annually

150 end-users
50 000 CU  
Premium support

Additional package
60 end-users + 20 000 CU  
for 300 EUR/mo

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For companies with special set-up, licensing
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Basic support – possibility to submit support tickets on incidents, requests and suggestions via VSoft Tracking Tool
Standard support – basic package + consultation via VSoft Tracking Tool
Premium support – standard package + live web/phone consultation
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“Composition unit” is a small, atomic element in system logic – single data field being read in, expression, non-trivial mapping etc. It is a well-defined measure of pure solution`s complexity, independent of data volumes, user count, size of physical deployment or processing power (CPU/RAM/nodes etc.). Examples:
• FirstName, Surname, DateOfBirth imported from Excel files, CSVs, database tables,
• computed values, split / parsed text, arithmetic operation,
• other expression – validation rule, dynamic property of a form (IsVisible, IsReadOnly…).
CU calculation excludes auxiliary, technical operations and mappings, not directly attached do business problem solving like: adding a comment, renaming a field, element deletion etc.
An application containing one web form, based on a single database table with 5 columns: ID, Name, Surname, BirthDate, Type (person/company). “BirthDate” and “Age” are being displayed only if the record represents a real person, not a company. Additionally, the latter field is being calculated by subtracting date of birth from the current date.
Composition unit calculation:
• 5 CU = reading 5 columns from a database table
• 2 CU = expressions controlling conditional display of fields: DateOfBirth, Age
• 1 CU = expression for calculating age of a person
Total: 8 CUs.

The prices shown above assume in advance payment