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Speed and Efficiency

Quickly deliver end-to-end solutions using visual drag & drop techniques and DevOps automation features.


Create simple and complex apps. Update when needed. Add your own code or plugins. Independent from third-party providers.


Build logic with easy to set-up formulas. Create advanced documents with full formatting in MS Word for various purposes.

Explore the archITekt platform

This is an integrated platform for software development using visual drag&drop techniques. It serves as a central place where you can create and modify the definitions of the system elements making up the application you are building. It consists of a set of tools that streamline and automate the process of producing business solutions. The individual archITekt platform work together, are configurable and allow integration with the environment, making it possible to immediately test any changes made in the design tool and view the final result.


VSoft archITekt supports designers also with the AI Assistant feature. It uses advanced artificial intelligence mechanisms, based on language models provided by OpenAI, to streamline the application development process.




Data processing


Document generation

Manage integrated structures and tasks

Achieve a new level of efficiency with task automation and flexible management of data structures. The CORE of archITekt is formed by data structures, dictionaries, user management and scheduling. All of these features enable optimal task prioritisation, precise time windows and adaptation of data structures to unique business requirements, plus review of change history and seamless teamwork, to name but a few. This takes automation to a new level, enabling tasks to be easily scheduled and triggered in response to events and cyclical scheduled tasks.

Intuitively define business rules

With VSoft archITekt, you will separate business rules from the rest of the system. Building them will be simple and intuitive, and real-time performance verification and analysis of the effects of modifications will become possible at an early stage of designing. Algorithms allows business rules to be created using a graphical designer, allowing algorithms and parametric tables to be modelled without the need for advanced programming skills. The ability to publish business rules as web services further supports their reuse in different systems.


User Interface (UI)
Customise according to your rules

Create unique user interfaces by customising forms, lists and application design. With VSoft archITekt, you will gain flexibility in changing GUI elements, graphical configuration of forms and real-time prototyping and verification options. The platform enables the graphical creation and modification of interactive user interface elements with real-time viewing.

Data Processing
Maximise efficiency and flexibility

Data processing functionality provides a wide range of options for processing large sets of information and integrating with different data sources. Design efficient systems, even for large data structures, using data processing packages and task hierarchies. VSoft archITekt enables the integration of data from different sources, the advanced design of data processing package logic and the creation of high-performance systems. Task hierarchies allow efficient management of processing steps, while tools for correctness analysis, performance analysis and error handling make building reliable and optimised systems easy and efficient.

Design accurate business processes

Create, modify and manage business processes graphically. VSoft archITekt allows you to design, build, modify and track business processes, giving you full control over them. The platform makes it possible to expand the range of available process activities and to split complex processes into sub-processes. The flexibility of managing process variables, the ability to run processes in two modes (synchronous and asynchronous) and the precise management of input and output parameters make processes not only automated, but also adapted to dynamic business needs.

Document Generation
Complete business processes

VSoft archITekt allows you to effectively manage your organisation’s documentation and save time required for preparing this documentation Defining a document template is done using MS Word, allowing you to take full advantage of this programme’s editing features. Document generation makes it possible to insert multiple data: to populate data tables, to complete lists in a document, to generate .docx, .pdf and .mhtml documents ready for mailing or printing.

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What processes can archITekt automate?

Operational Processes