Our clients, in particular financial institutions, pay special attention to data security. For this reason, until recently, most of them preferred to store data on their own servers. Therefore, VSoft archITekt was used primarily in the on-premises model.

In recent years however, the perception of data storage has gradually changed. Companies not wanting to deal with maintaining their own servers are increasingly choosing to use cloud services.

To meet these needs, we have provided a service that allows you to run applications built on our platform in the cloud. Thanks to Microsoft Azure, it is possible to meet the highest standards in terms of availability and security.

Companies already having an Azure subscription, can now purchase archITekt from Azure Marketplace just like any other service. Users can conveniently install and run applications in the cloud, directly from archITekt Studio.

Our partners and clients appreciate flexibility, therefore archITekt is still available free of charge for testing and development purposes. For commercial purposes, we have prepared three simple packages. They allow you to run the application with different resource sizing, without hard restrictions as to the number of users. There are no other license fees required.

For companies that do not have the subscription, we have also made it possible to order a cloud package – directly from this webpage.

If you already have your own resources in Azure and you want to run applications on them, it is also possible. All you need to do is to buy a standard license for the archITekt platform and we will help you configure the cloud environment.

Of course, archITekt is still available in the on-premises model, appreciated by many customers.

Slawomir Gierek
Head of Business Development for VSoft archITekt
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