With technological advancements and increasing business requirements, more companies are embracing low-code tools. Process automation has become essential for most companies in 2023, and low-code tools enable faster and more efficient application development. This technology enhances departmental productivity and streamlines business processes. Therefore, low code workshops provide an excellent opportunity for companies to test the tool, understand its capabilities, and learn effective platform usage.

Creating Applications for Non-Programmers

The VSoft archITekt tool offers ready-made components, modules, and templates, along with an intuitive graphical interface. Users can design business models, create forms, and define business processes clearly. However, beginners often find it overwhelming due to the numerous options and switches available. To address this, we have organized online workshops that navigate through the tool using specific examples. These workshops allow participants to familiarize themselves with the system and engage with our experts live, asking questions. After completing the workshops, participants gain access to a free trial version with knowledge base access for the presented solution.

Data Processing Automation with Low-Code

In our latest workshop edition, we focused on the algorithm module and its mechanism, using a sales commission calculation system as an example. Calculating sales commissions for salespeople requires precision, meticulousness, and time. Traditional methods can be time-consuming and error-prone, leading to frustrations for salespeople and managers. To address this, more companies are automating the process using low-code tools. The archITekt platform is an excellent choice for customizing the commission calculation system to a company’s needs. It allows for individual commission rates, customization for different sales levels, and the inclusion of special bonuses for specific products. In other words, it automates the process in any desired way.

archITekt Workshops: Step-by-Step Application Development

The learning process begins by launching the archITekt Studio, the central place for making changes and modifications to other modules. Architect Studio enables solution configuration using graphical elements. Changes are implemented through modern and ergonomic components that facilitate clear configuration management and immediate testing in the design tool. Configuration changes made using archITekt Studio are tracked and versioned using the Versioning Module. Additionally, the module enables multiple business analysts to work simultaneously for group work on system configuration.

The next steps involve adding a dictionary, categories, data structures, and a form to facilitate adding new employees. Once the database is set up, we can start creating the algorithm’s data structures. The Algorithm Module allows for the simple and intuitive construction of business rules and their management in response to changing business conditions. This enables easy adaptation of the system to evolving business and organizational needs over time. The algorithm construction is performed using a graphical designer, allowing business analysts to model algorithms and parametric tables without requiring advanced programming skills. The archITekt algorithm module includes a unique functionality that immediately shows the impact of changes through business testing.

Benefits of archITekt Low-Code Workshops

First and foremost, these workshops help develop skills in using low-code platforms and deepen competencies in creating applications that support business processes. They provide an excellent opportunity to learn about new trends and support professional development. Participating in archITekt Low-Code Workshops also helps companies better prepare for implementing new solutions within the organization. Well-prepared and trained employees are the foundation for process improvement. These workshops also have a positive impact on the digitalization of business processes, leading to increased productivity and easier collaboration between business and IT. In summary, training workshops are crucial for introducing low-code into our company quickly, professionally, and effectively. The workshops are held periodically, free of charge, and available to everyone.

Individuals looking to develop their skills and create applications independently using the archITekt platform can also take advantage of our extensive training offerings.

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