Begin with the end in mind” that’s the second one of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. Does it apply when implementing a low-code platform? In my opinion, yes, and very much so.

I have recently had a talk with a potential customer who is having problems with a system based on low-code. The very construction and implementation of the system took place without any problems, but over time it turned out that the platform used is completely not adapted to the size of the business and is not able to support the required amount of data (although from the perspective of “traditional” systems, these volumes are nothing extraordinary).

Unfortunately, this pattern is repeated relatively often. There are many manufacturers of low-code platforms who have focused only on the fancy user interface and the speed of building small applications. However, they often lack experience or an idea how to approach more complex systems that appear in large organizations. They promise nirvana and until the client is working on simple cases, this promise seems to be true. However, with the adaptation of low-code, the appetite grows as well as the level of complexity of the built solutions. Then it can happen that paradise turns into a hell of constant platform limitations and performance issues.

And that’s why, although I always recommend starting your adventure with low-code from small applications, it is also worth considering where this adventure should lead. If your needs are small and will remain so, then probably any LCDP tool will suffice. However, if you have complicated enterprise-class systems in mind, it is worth looking at how our potential supplier has prepared for it.

At VSoft, practically from the very beginning of the company’s existence, we dealt with enterprise-class challenges in projects for banks and other financial institutions. That is why, when building our low-code archITekt platform, we put special emphasis on appropriate architecture, effective processing of large volumes of data, and security.

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Slawomir Gierek
Head of Business Development for VSoft archITekt
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